Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

We are so glad that you are here! We are a A tiny homestead, or as I call it a Mircostead. We also create innovations for the modern homestead with our 3d printer farm. 

My name is Natalie and I'm the brains of this operation. My co-workers are my two preschoolers. My husband also works part time on both the outdoor mini-farm and the inside farm. 

Maybe it was reading every "The Little House on the Prairie"  book, or maybe it was the visits to my Uncle's farm, whatever it was, I decided as a child that I wanted a homestead of my own. 

I'm still on my way to that dream-- right now our lot is less than a fourth of an acre. In the sage words of Jessica Sowards from Roots and Refuge Farm, I'm making my waiting room a class room. 

For the past 5 year's I've grown a garden. Every year it gets bigger and the garden teaches me new lessons. This year I learned that small patches of corn need lots of help pollinating. Last year it was that huge sunflowers are one of the most rewarding plants to grow. 

As the craziness of 2020 dragged on, I realized two things: 1. how fragile our food supply chain has become, and 2. How quickly work can change when you work for someone else.

For problem one, I needed a good source of protein at home. We ended up with backyard chickens--- bantams specifically, and I also started growing oyster mushrooms and Wine cap mushrooms. 

Form problem two, I needed a skill that would allow me to work from home, for myself. I had been researching 3d printers for a while-- mostly with cosplay props in mind, and I decided to buy one. I found the machine fascinating and I started looking into ways to help people with my new quarantine skill. 

When I was done with my research, I landed on products for folks like me, who see homesteading as a way of life. To help folks raise new animals for their farm. 

As my garden grow this past summer, so did my printing business. We now have multiple machines printing around the clock! 

Thanks again for stopping by. I'll be posting here twice a month starting now. Please come back soon to see us grow.  

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