Silkie Turner Tray compatible with the Nurture Right 360 Incubator

Silkie Turner Tray compatible with the Nurture Right 360 Incubator

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FITS 21 Silkie  EGGS-- Made in America using only American made raw materials.

  • Compatible with the Nurture Right 360 Incubator
  • Fits 21 Silkie  Eggs
  • Auto-turns eggs for a better hatch rate
  • Add new animals to your homestead and become more self-sufficient
  • Always American made. Only using American made rate materials

 A 3D printed plastic Incubator Turner Tray for Silkie  Eggs is the perfect way to upgrade your Harris Farms Nurture Right 360 Incubator. 

STOP hand turning! Let your existing incubator automatically turn 21 Silkie  Eggs. . 

The standard turner tray that comes with the Nurture Right 360 Egg Incubator is a great fit for 21 chicken eggs, however smaller eggs, like Silkie s and quail, it’s not a great fit. 

That’s where we come in! We're continuing the work of "That Chick Printer" by helping folks expand the number of species they can successfully incubate in the Nurture Right 360. 

Our 3D printed plastic Nurture Right Silkie  Turner Trays for Silkie  Eggs fits onto the gear in the middle of the incubator. This allows your geese's eggs to turn automatically--some folks call this piece a Silkie  Rail. Better yet, you will be able to swap back and forth between the original tray and any species specific trays available for purchase here. 

Proper turning can increase hatch rates. 

We carry many turner trays for a variety of  including: 

  • Button Quail 
  • Coturnix Quail 
  • Mini Bantam 
  • Bantam 
  • Chicken
  • Duck 
  • Goose 

We also carry turner trays for the Kebonnixs Egg Incubator that allows you to automatically turn more eggs than the original turner. Sizes Available:

  • Bantam 
  • Coturnix
  • Extra Large Chicken or Standard Duck

Happy Hatching! 

All of our items are 3D printed using a sustainable bioplastic called "Poly Lactic Acid". This 'plastic' is made from agricultural waste-- like corn stalks and sugar cane-- NOT fossil fuels. 

Care and Cleaning: This turner tray is best cleaned with luke warm soapy water. It is NOT dishwasher safe! 

Product information: 

All of our products are 3D printed using a sustainable bio-plastic that contains no fossil fuels. Our products are made of a material called Polylactic Acid. The filament we use is derived from sugar cane and/or corn stalks. 

Shipping is free to the Continental US, and these one piece trays do not require assembly. (Previous models of this product were three sections that were held together with clips; those trays are no longer available).